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Laparoscopy Package

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Laparoscopy Package (endoscopic surgery of the abdomen)


       It can be used to find the cause of some symptoms that we cannot diagnose by the patient's medical history or by physical examination.  Examples can be unusual symptoms such as chronic abdominal pain, infertile women, suspected ovarian cysts, including sterilization, laparoscopic tubal ligation and conditions such as cysts, mild endometriosis or lysis of abdominal adhesion's.         


  •        Cholecystectomy         
  •        Laparoscopic tubal ligation
  •        Laparoscopic with lysis of pelvic, ovarian cysts and adnexa adhesion's
  •        Laparoscopic endometriosis
  •        Laparoscopic by infertility


       Endoscopic surgery of the abdomen.  What can be performed?

        -         Female sterilization.

          -         Lysis of adhesion pelvis, uterus, fallopian tube and ovarian cysts.

          -         Laparoscopic endometriosis.

          -         Infertility.


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